Top Tips for Drilling Through Tiles

Drilling through tile can seem daunting at first. When you’ve spent a small fortune on beautiful tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, the last thing you want to do is risk cracking or breaking the tile. Using the wrong drill bit, not preparing the area properly, rushing through the process, and putting your drill under too much strain. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of things to know about drilling through tile.

How to Drill Through Tile

Get that kitchen or bathroom renovation underway with these tips on how to drill through tile.

Consider the tile you are using

Before you do anything, first stop to consider the type of tile you are using. There are several types of tiles. Ceramic tile is a little easier to drill through as it is not as thick and dense as porcelain. Stone tiles are extremely tough and not always easy to drill through unless you have the right tools. The type of tile you will be using for your project will determine the type of drill bit you need to use. 

Choose the right drill bit

That brings us to our next point… choosing your bit. The first thing to know is that you can’t use regular bits. These will break as they are not strong enough to penetrate tile. Instead, you will need to go for bits made specifically for tile. Ruwag carbide-tipped ceramic tile bits can be used for porcelain as well as tile. These bits can be used on tiling for walls and floors. Our diamond core bits are ideal for granite or stone tiles, with a diamond cutting edge that breaks through even the toughest tile.

Measure and mark the area

Once you have your tiles and your bits, it’s time to prepare the area. As most tiles have a smooth surface, drill bits can slip around a bit when you try to hold them in place. If the bit slips while you’re drilling, you can end up damaging both the bit and the tile. A quick and simple way to prevent this from happening is to mark the spot with a piece of masking tape. Measure the area carefully, make an X shape in the spot, place your masking tape, then measure again so that you don’t miss the hole. This will give you traction, preventing any slips while drilling.  

Start drilling

Next, it’s time to get drilling. Tiles are extremely tough and durable, which means you need to put in a bit of effort to break through the tile to make holes. You can’t rush the process, or you may end up scratching or breaking the tile or damaging your bits. Start with your drill at low speed, drilling slowly. Be patient - it will take a little time to break through the glazed surface. Going too fast will cause your drill to overheat, which is never good. Add consistent pressure without forcing the bit into the tile. Always cool down your drill as you go. You can use a wet sponge below the drill to prevent overheating or stop from time to time and mist the bit with water. Once you reach the wall or floor surface, you will need to keep going slowly to avoid crashing into the surface. You will then be able to mount the accents to fix the tile onto the wall. 

If you’re looking for premium quality bits that make your projects easier, Ruwag has everything you need under one roof. Shop our glass and tile drill bits and you’ll be all set for your renovation project.

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