Ruwag offers users a complete range of the highest quality drill bits, to take on any project with confidence. Our convenient star rating system ensures the correct drill bit is always matched to the intended application, ensuring Ruwag's superior performance. Ruwag...the professional’s choice!

Ruwag Packaging:

Our well designed bold and informative packaging , attracts attention and reinforces the Ruwag brand, whilst providing customers with all the information they need at a quick glance.

Drill Bit Range:

We offer a wide range of drill bits for various applications, including:

  • Metal Drill Bits: 
    • For drilling holes into different types of metal.
  • Masonry Drill Bits:
    • For drilling holes into brick and stone.
    • The Chisel Range forms part of the Masonry Drilling Range and is intended for renovation, restoration and demolition.
  • Ceramics Drill Bits:
    • For drilling holes into ceramics and glass.
  • Wood Drill Bits:
    • For drilling holes into soft and hard woods, including plywood and laminated chipboard.
    • We also offer a range of Drill Chucks and various Drill Bit Sets.

    Our Drilling Range of Products:

    Metal Drill Bits

    Masonry Drill Bits

    Ceramic Drill Bits

    Wood Drill Bits

    Drill Chucks

    Drill Bit Sets