Will a Cordless Drill go Through Brick?

Will a cordless drill go through brick? And, if so, is there anything you need to know to drill brick using your cordless drill? This a common question that many people ask. The answer may surprise you - you can indeed drill through brick without a corded drill. However, there are a few things you will need to consider if you want to get results. Assuming that you can start drilling away into any type of brick is never a good idea. Just because it is possible to get through brick, it doesn’t mean you can do this without having an understanding of how cordless drills get through brick.

Can My Cordless Drill go Through Brick?

To make sure you safely drill through brick with a cordless drill, here are a few factors you will need to consider:

The battery

The first thing you will need to consider is the battery of your drill. When drilling softer materials such as wood, your drill will not have much trouble. Your battery life may be longer and you likely won’t have to use much force. When drilling a tough material such as brick, your drill needs more power. A smaller battery will not last very long when it is working hard. Choosing a drill with a bigger, more powerful battery will make it easier. A small drill made for DIY and other basic tasks may not have the power or battery life.

The brick

What type of brick are you drilling? Masonry includes a variety of materials, from softer clay brick all the way to hard concrete and granite. It will be easier to drill softer brick types but trying to use a regular drill on concrete will be impossible. If your drill has a hammer function, it will be easier to get through tougher materials. For heavy-duty drilling, you will need a hammer drill to drill into concrete.

The bits

Another thing to consider is the type of drill bits you are using. When drilling brick, it is best to use masonry drill bits. In the case of soft clay brick, you could use a multi-material bit. This type of bit will not work on concrete or granite. A Standard Brick Drill Set is a great option for drilling clay brick, plaster and other types of masonry. If you are going to be doing any heavy drilling, you will need a powerful drill and bits designed for concrete and other heavy applications. Browse our selection of masonry drill bits to see what we have on offer.

The job

Finally, it is also helpful to think about what you are aiming to do with your drill. Are you hanging photos or making smaller holes into plaster? Are you hoping to do some renovations around the house that involve drilling into walls or floors? Knowing how you plan to use your drill will make it easier to know whether your drill is up to the task. When in doubt, it helps to do your research online or view video tutorials to help you get started.

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