How to use Power Tools Safely

Safety should always come first when it comes to using power tools. Far too many accidents happen when tools are used incorrectly. You don’t just need to be cautious when using your tools, either. Accidents can also happen when tools are not stored properly or when they are not properly checked before use. To help keep you safe, we’ve put together a guide on safety tips for using power tools. 

Safety Tips for Using Power Tools

Here are some of the important safety measures you will need to have in place when using your power tools at any given time. 

Safety preparation

Make sure that you always wear shoes with non-slip rubber soles or safety boots. You will also need protective gloves when doing any drilling or working with materials and rubber gloves when working with any chemicals. Safety glasses are another must-have along with hearing protection. You should have a dust mask to avoid dust and fumes. It is essential to have a fully stocked first aid kit just in case. Don’t wear clothing that can get caught in machines.

Workshop preparation

Always keep your workshop organised and tidy. Make sure that there are no loose cables on the floor or your work surface. Use a ventilated work area. Keep tools unplugged and properly stored when they’re not being used. Shelving or wall storage is the best choice where possible. If you have any chemicals in your workshop, keep them out of reach and make sure that they are not anywhere near open flames or electrical outlets. They should be clearly labelled to avoid any confusion. A well-ventilated workshop that has plenty of light (natural or otherwise) is vital. 

Safety guidelines

Once you are fully prepared, you will need to follow some basic safety guidelines. The most important guideline of all is to always make sure that tools are switched off before you use the tool or touch the tool in any way. That means checking the switch on the tool and checking the power switch at the plug so that they are both off. Turn off the tool and unplug it if you need to add drill bits or make any adjustments. 

You should never attempt to use your tools if you are impaired in any way. Even if you have a cold or you simply feel tired, it is never smart to try and use your tools. Accidents happen when your attention is not 100% focused. It is never worth the risk. Other instances to avoid using your tools include any signs of damp or mould in your workshop and any signs of tools not working. 

Never, ever use your tools in any way not recommended by the manufacturer. Always follow instructions, to the letter. There is no room for guessing when it comes to power tools. Trying to use the wrong bits or attachments can be extremely dangerous. 

When you start drilling, stand with both feet on the ground. Don’t reach over as you use the tools. Concentrate on the drilling at all times and don’t try and rush through the drilling. Keep your hands firmly on the tool and don’t try and change hands while you are drilling. Never use a tool that is too heavy or too difficult to hold comfortably. 

Once you have finished, unplug on the tool and at the electrical point. Clean your tool thoroughly and store it somewhere safe and dry. Do not ever leave your tools on your workspace - even if they have been turned off. 

When you follow basic safety precautions, you will have full peace of mind. You will also get better results, too. Drilling carefully and properly is crucial to the success of any project. 

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Ruwag How to use Power Tools Safely