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Diamond Tile Core Bit

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The Diamond Tile Core drill bit is used for drilling into industrial wear and granite tiles.

- Diamond cutting edge

- For use in up to class 5 tiles

Tile/Glass drill bit selection chart

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Ceramic & porcelain tiles PEI rating

  Glass Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Granite
Glass & Tile bit      
Ceramic Tile bit    
Diamond core bit


Tile Ratings

Class 0: Unsuitable for floors. These are generally used as wall tile.

Class 1: Suitable only for locations where softer footwear is worn or where shoes are not frequently used, for e.g. residential bathroom or other areas with light traffic. Also for interior commercial and residential walls.

Class 2: Suited for general residential traffic; for areas that are walked on by soft soled or "normal" footwear with very small amounts of scratching dirt. Not for kitchen, entrance halls, stairs and other areas subjected to heavy traffic.

Class 3: Suited for all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas, boutiques, interior walls, countertops and residential bathroom floors. Not recommended for commercial entryway.

Class 4: Suited for regular traffic. Recommended for medium commercial and light institutional use, such as restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.

Class 5: Suitable for areas with heavy traffic, abrasive dirt and moisture, and where safety and maximum performance are required. Examples are shopping centres, public buildings, building entrances or swimming pools.


Ask a Question
  • what is the best speed to use when drilling a 6mm hole into a porcelain tile

    With the diamond core drilling at around 1000RPM will give you good progress while also preserving the life of the bit providing that you keep it cool with water.
    Squirt some water on the contact point while drilling if possible, or at least dip the tip of the bit in some water often.
    If you are unable to cool the bit with water you will need to reduce the speed to 250RPM.