What is an SDS Chisel Used For?

Versatile and highly effective for drilling masonry and other tough materials, SDS chisels are used on a variety of projects. These drill bits are most commonly used for heavy-duty drilling, such as renovation and construction. They are used in SDS drills SDS is short for Slotted Drive System. This type of drill has three modes - rotary, hammer and rotary/hammer. With a high level of power, drilling into concrete and other hard masonry is easier, without the risk of broken drill bits or damaged tools. SDS chisel bits are specialised bits that are commonly used for construction work. Made to work in SDS drills, they come in an assortment of types and sizes.

From breaking through walls all the way to lifting tiles and creating channels in masonry, these chisels can be used in several types of projects. In this guide, we’ll share some of the most common uses for chisel bits.

Common SDS Chisel Uses

A few of the ways that SDS chisels are used include the following:

General renovation

Chisel types include flat chisels that break through masonry, pointed chisels that provide accuracy with minimal risk of jamming, tile chisels that allow you to lift tiles easily, wide chisels for removing dirt and concrete residue, and gouging chisels for creating channels. Generally speaking, Standard chisel types are best suited for general renovation, such as wall removal to joint restoration, tile and plaster stripping, reinforcement stripping, and other renovation tasks. Flat chisels are versatile, making them ideal for those needing bits for home renovation or other tasks involving brick or other masonry that is not extremely hard. If you need to work with concrete or hard masonry, or your project involves heavy construction, you will need to use Professional or Industrial chisels. Pointed chisels are equally versatile for general renovation work involving masonry and concrete. Their design makes them ideal for precise chiselling, making them perfect for adjustment tasks such as wall removal, joint restoration or reinforcement clearing.

Tile lifting & removal

For work involving tiling of floors and walls, you will need to use a Professional or Industial tile chisel. If you are retiling a bathroom or kitchen, removing floor tiles to replace them with laminate flooring or doing any other tasks that require tiles to be removed without causing damage to the tiles or your bits and tools, tile chisels are essential. These make it easier to lift and remove tiles, removing them accurately and quickly. They have a unique design featuring a self-sharpening tip, which gets under tile for fast removal. Unlike flat chisels, there is less risk of tile damage when using a specialised tile chisel. Depending on the application and level of performance needed, Professional and Industrial tile chisels can both be used for tile removal.

Construction work

Both Industrial and Professional chisels are used in construction. Professional chisels have a higher performance rating and a greater ability to get through extremely tough materials easily. They are used for renovation to restoration to destroy walls, clear reinforcements, restore joints and break through concrete and brick. Along with flat chisels and tile chisels, Professional chisels include gouging chisels. These chisels are made of hardened, heat-treated steel, making them strong enough for even the heaviest work tasks. Their curved design helps to cut narrow channels. Industrial chisels are used for demolition, breaking through all types of masonry easily.

SDS-Plus vs SDS-Max - Which is Best for Your Project?

At Ruwag, our Professional and Industrial range include SDS-Plus and SDS-Max chisels. SDS-Plus chisels are thinner and smaller, with two open grooves and two closed grooves, with locking balls attached to the grooves. Locking balls are attached to the grooves. SDS-Plus chisels are available in a variety of sizes. As they are they are often best suited to home renovation rather than heavy construction. SDS-Max chisels are thicker, with three open grooves, and a locking segment rather than locking balls. They are made for bigger hammer drills and are especially useful for construction work such as chipping, digging, and chiselling heavy masonry.

As you can see, chisel bits can be used in a wide range of renovation projects, from home repair all the way to construction. If you’re looking for quality SDS chisels, Ruwag offers a selection of chisels for your budget and needs.

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