Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions

Wondering which drill bits to use? Not sure whether you can use any bit in any drill? To help you find the best drill bits for your needs, we have put together a list of commonly asked questions.

Drill Bits FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked drill bits questions we get at Ruwag include:

Will all bits fit in all drills?

While many standard bits are made for regular drills, others are designed to fit in specific types of drills. For example, you can only use parallel shank bits in drills that have an adjustable chuck. You will not be able to use standard bits without a hex shank holder in an impact drill but you will be able to use them in standard drivers. In the case of SDS bits, you will only be able to use these in SDS drills.

What types of drill bits can I use and what type of drills will they fit?

To determine which bits and which type of drill you will need for your project, you first need to know the size of the drill bit shank. You will be restricted to using drill bits that are smaller than the capacity of the chuck fitted to your drill. For SDS drills, you will need SDS bits that are made specifically for this type of drill. 

Along with the sizing of drills and their bits, you will also need to think about the right type of bit for your project. There are many different bits made for various materials, from heavy-duty concrete, all the way to masonry, metal, wood, tile, ceramics, and plastics. Other bit types include auger, Forstner, chisels, angles, hole saw, and others. You will need to choose bits suited to the material you are drilling. Most come in a range of sizes as well. Choosing bits made for your project is vital to get the best results and avoid damaging the material you are drilling or the drill itself.

What about metal bits?

When drilling into metal, you will need HSS (High-Speed Steel) bits. These include twist and step bits. The former is made for metal as well as other materials while the latter is made for softer metal. Good quality HSS bits will work on a variety of metals (always use a selection guide to determine which bits are suitable for the metal you are drilling).

Can regular bits be used in an SDS drill?

SDS (Slotted Drive System) drills do not work with regular bits. This is because the drill requires bits that are slotted and fitted into SDS drills. When used with SDS bits, you can drill into harder materials such as concrete with a hammering action. These drills are mostly used for larger renovation projects rather than home DIY. 

Which bits are best for my project?

One of the questions we are asked here at Ruwag is which bits are best. Ideally, you want a drill bit made for the project you are about to start that perfectly fits your drill. There are a few factors that will determine the ideal bit. These include the material you are drilling, the number of holes you plan to drill and the type of drill you plan to use. Once you’ve taken these factors into account, you will be able to choose the right bits that will give you the best results.

Ruwag Commonly Asked Drill Bit Questions