Have a look at the chart below to choose the correct sized Anchor.

Fastener sizing chart

Nylon Wall Plugs

Size Coach Screw Size Screw Size Drill Size
5mm 3-4mm 5mm
6mm 3.5-5mm 6mm
7mm 5mm 4-5.5mm 7mm
8mm 6mm 5-7mm 8mm
10mm 8mm 6.5-8.5mm 10mm
12mm 10mm 8-10.5mm 12mm
14mm 12mm 14mm

Expansion Bolts

Size Drill Size Spanner Size
M5 10mm 8mm
M6 12mm 10mm
M8 14mm 13mm
M10 16mm 17mm
M12 20mm 19mm
M16 25mm 24mm

Sleeve Anchors

Size Drill Size Spanner Size
M8 8mm 10mm
M10 10mm 13mm
M12 12mm 15mm
M16 16mm 18mm

Frame & Nail in Anchors

Size Drill Size
5mm 5mm
6mm 6mm
8mm 8mm
10mm 10mm