What Are the Best Drill Bits for Glass & Tile?

There are a few different drill bits for glass and tile, each with its own uses and benefits. The most common bits include standard glass and tile bits, ceramic tile bits and diamond core bits. The type of bit you choose will depend on the type of project you are planning, the type of tile and the location of the tile. Drilling flooring tiles would require a different bit to drilling wall tiles, for example. This is because floor tiles are extremely tough in order to withstand heavy traffic. Wall tiles, on the other hand, are usually made from softer tile that is not subject to traffic. 

In this guide, we share some of the best Ruwag drill bits for glass and tile to help you choose the best bit for your project.

Choosing Drill Bits for Glass & Tile

Drill bits for glass and tile have PEI ratings from Class 0 to Class 5. PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings are given to tile based on the hardness of its glaze. Ratings start from bits usually only used for wall tiles to bits used in areas with heavy traffic, such as public buildings. It is essential to choose the bit suitable for your project to avoid damaged material and tools. Always view the rating before choosing your bit to get the best results. Here are the three most commonly used glass and tile bits.

Glass & Tile Bit

A standard glass and tile bit is used on tiles with a PEI rating of Class 3.  This means that it can be used for light to medium drilling. They have a profiled tungsten carbide tip that allows them to break through tiles easily. This bit can be used for drilling glass as well as lighter tile. It can also be used for wall tiles in bathrooms or kitchens. It can also be used for floor tiles in bathrooms, residential kitchens, offices, boutiques, and other light traffic areas. This bit can be used to drill counter-tops, too. It is not suitable for any area with a lot of foot traffic, however. This includes commercial entries or buildings that typically use more heavy-duty tiling.

Ceramic Tile Bit

For ceramic in commercial areas and regular traffic areas, a ceramic tile bit is the best choice. These carbide-tipped bits are used for Class 4 tiles. They can be used in restaurants, corridors, hotels, hospitals, and other light and medium commercial areas. They can also be used for residential drilling of wall and floor tiles, counter-tops, glass, and other light to medium drilling. They are not suitable for heavy traffic areas and any areas that have a high amount of abrasive dirt and moisture.

Diamond Core Bit

Diamond core bits are the toughest bits for all types of tile, from glass to granite. They can be used in tiles with a PEI rating of Class 5. They can be used for all types of drilling - light and medium residential drilling of wall and floor tile, commercial drilling for restaurants, businesses and medium traffic areas and heavy traffic areas such as swimming pools, shopping centres, public buildings, building entrances, and any other area that is prone to dirt, moisture and heavy foot traffic. They can even be used to drill concrete. They are made of steel combined with diamond powder, making them extremely tough and durable. 

Whatever your project might be, Ruwag has all the drill bits you need. Shop drill bits for glass and tile now to get started.