What Are the Best Drill Bits for Metal?

Choosing the right drill bits for metal comes down to the type of metal you are drilling. With that in mind, it is essential to choose bits that are made specifically for certain requirements. Each type of metal bit has a unique shape and material. A standard HSS bit, for example, is ideal for all experience levels and will drill most metals. It will not be suitable for heavy-duty metals such as cast iron or stainless steel, however. Likewise, a turbo HSS bit can drill through even the toughest metal but may not be ideal if you are new to drilling metal.

To help you find the best drill bits for metal projects, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly used metal bits.

Choosing Drill Bits for Metal

HSS (High-Speed Steel) drill bits are the best choice for metal. These bits are extremely tough and hard-wearing. They are made from extra-strong material, which allows them to drill through various types of metal as well as plastics. Here are some of the best HSS bits for drilling into metal.

Standard HSS Bits

Standard HSS bits are ideal for all experience levels. If you’re looking for a basic bit that allows you to do DIY projects around the house, these bits are a good choice. They can drill through most metals, except for cast iron and stainless steel. They are affordable and perfect for home renovation projects. These bits are not as hard-wearing as other bits, however, as they are made for light to medium-duty drilling. 

Industrial HSS Bits

Industrial HSS bits are made for medium to heavy-duty drilling. They are hard-wearing and able to drill through most metals, besides stainless steel. They are precision ground, with a split point to prevent wandering. These bits are best for intermediate users. They are ideal for tradesmen and other people needing high-quality bits for more advanced projects.

Turbo HSS Bits

Turbo HSS bits are extremely tough. These bits have a two-stage cutting action to ensure fast, efficient drilling performance. They are precision ground, with variable core thickness. The flute thickness decreases in the direction of the tip. Turbo metal HSS bits have a split point to avoid wandering as you work. These powerful bits will drill every type of metal, including extremely tough metals such as stainless steel.

Cobalt HSS Bits

Cobalt HSS bits are also made for all metal types - including stainless steel. These bits are made of High-Speed Steel with 5% cobalt for added strength. They are high-quality, specialised material bits used by advanced skill levels. The bits are precision ground and feature a split point to keep the bit in place as you work. They can drill through every type of metal, with efficient speed and performance. 

Other types of metal bits include industrial metal HSS double-ended stubs bits, which are made specifically for thin sheet metal and HSS metal step bits, which can be used for metal as well as wood and various other materials. 

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