5 Useful Tools for Home DIY Projects

Having the right tools for home DIY projects is the best way to be sure that you get the job done properly. Whether you’re doing a quick project such as hanging a picture on a wall or a more intensive home renovation project, there are a few tools you need. Making sure that you are fully prepared before starting any project is vital. Getting mid-way through a project, only to realise you don’t have the right tool, is incredibly frustrating. This can affect the quality of your work. It can also waste time. And, in many cases, involve trips to hardware stores to try and find tools or supplies mid-project. 

To help you make sure you’re equipped with all the basics, we’ve put together a list of the most useful tools for home DIY projects of all types.

The Best Tools for Home DIY Projects

New to DIY? Don’t worry. These tools are all fairly simple, with no complicated tools that are hard to use. If you love doing jobs around the house, you’ll get plenty of use from all of these tools, including the power tools. Here are our top tools to use for home DIY.

Nail Gun

This is something that will save you a huge amount of time and effort. Using a hammer over and over to place nails into wood is not much fun. You may not always get nails into their holes straight. A nail gun will hit nails into surfaces rapidly, speeding up the process of your woodworking process. A word of caution, however… although these can be used by beginners, safety is always important when using this type of tool.

Measuring Tools 

These are needed to calculate length, width, height and distance. Basic tape measures will always be useful. In some cases, they may not be long enough. Laser distance measures are extremely accurate, allowing you to measure things like the distance from one wall to another. 

Universal Socket Wrench

A universal socket wrench is used to loosen or tighten nuts and screws. These are a highly useful addition to your toolbox. Rather than using a set of wrenches to remove different-sized screws and nuts, a universal wrench adjusts to fit the size of screws and nuts.

Hand Tools

A set of hand tools is another must-have addition to your workshop. These can be used for quick repairs, small projects, larger projects, plumbing, electrical work, and just about any other DIY tasks. Good things to have in your hand tool kit include cutting tools, measuring tools, claw hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, and hand saws.

Power Drill

Finally, a power drill is the most important tool for home renovation projects. If you are new to DIY or you’re ready to start taking on bigger projects, this is an absolute essential to have. A good quality cordless drill is an investment that pays off very quickly. You’ll use it for repairs, woodworking projects, kitchen updates, and many, many other tasks. Once you’ve got your drill, don’t forget to stock up on drill bits. Ruwag offers an extensive selection of drill bits for every type of project. 

Now that you know which tools to use for home DIY work, you can get onto the fun part… planning your next project.

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