Easy DIY Projects for Your Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a fantastic, versatile tool that allows you to complete a huge range of DIY projects. Whether you’re a beginner or you regularly take on projects during your downtime, these ideas are easy and fast. You will be able to do these projects in a single day (maybe a weekend if you take your time). 

Before you get started, there are some things you’ll need to tackle any drilling project. The most important thing of all is, of course, the drill itself. A good quality cordless drill from a trusted manufacturer will be ideal for all sorts of projects. Unless you’re planning more complex work, don’t worry too much about complicated features and other parts that you likely won’t end up using. A simple drill that has variable speed settings and a built-in chuck is all you need. 

Then you will need to stock up on drill bits. Depending on the project, you will have a few different bits to choose from. Multi-material twist bits are the most versatile bits that will work for a wide range of projects. In some cases, you may need more specialised wood drill bits if you want to make larger holes in wood. Building a collection of bits in assorted sizes is always a good idea if you plan to expand your DIY experience. 

Drilling Projects for Your Cordless Drill

Now that you know what sort of tools you’ll need, let’s move on to the fun part… finding projects for your cordless drill. Here are a few easy, quick projects that won’t require a huge amount of experience or expertise. 

Wooden mat

Wooden mats are great to use as shower or bath mats or as door mats. They are cheap to make. All you’ll need is wood trim and rope. For the wood trim, start by determining the dimensions of the mat. Once you have an idea of the width, you can then have the trim cut to size. You can adjust the height by adding more trim. From there, measure and mark 2 holes - one on each side of each plank. Make sure that the holes are in the exact same place for every plank. Drill your holes, remove any leftover debris and thread the rope through the holes. Knot the ends on each side and you’re done. 

Candle holder

You can put your wood drill bit to use and make a simple candle holder. This is an extremely easy project. All you’ll need is a piece of wood and a flat drill bit. The wood can be as wide, thick or long as you choose. You can make a single candle holder in a wooden block or a larger piece to hold multiple candles. Whichever you choose, to make the holes for the candle, measure and mark the spot in the wood, then use your spade bit to drill a hole as wide as the candle. For longer candles, make sure you have enough depth to hold the candles securely. For tealights, the holes can be shallow. 

Cabinet update

You can change the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune. Besides a fresh coat of paint, you can also update your cabinets with new hardware. This project is super easy and requires very little experience. Choose the hardware you want to use for your cabinet doors and drawers. Use your cordless drill to unscrew your current handles, then add your new handles to the existing holes. If you have to make new holes, make sure that they will be covered by hardware to avoid having to patch them up when you’re done. 

To complete these projects, it’s always good to have a selection of drill bits in various sizes. At Ruwag, we have a variety of bits to suit every project, helping you get the most from your cordless drill

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