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Wood & Plastic Jigsaw Blades 101BR

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101BR Wood and Plastic Jigsaw Blades make clean, straight cuts and cut into various materials.

- Hard Wood - Soft Wood - Laminated Boards - Fibre Boards - Plastics

- Available in T-Shank and U-Shank

- 2.5 Pitch and 10 TPI


Ask a Question
  • Is this the best jigsaw blade for cutting laminate flooring straight cuts when you don't want the laminate to chip when cutting?

    This blade will give you a very neat cut on the top of the board because it cuts on the down stroke and has a fine tooth pitch.
    Any splinters will be on the bottom of the board.

  • Why are the teeth on B & BR blades in different directions? Saws normally cut on a draw not on a push.

    The teeth on the "BR" blade are purposely reversed for application where the user would prefer the tearout to be on the opposite side of a workpiece.