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Turbo Screws

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Ruwag Turbo Screws are high quality screws used in fixings with wood work.


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  • Is a pilot hole necessary when using turbo screws in soft or hardwood?

    Hi Mr Bezuidenhout

    The Turbo Screws have a Type 17 cutting point to cut into wood. This will eliminate the need for pilot holes into soft & hard wood. For precision work, it is recommended to drill a pilot hole on hard wood when you use thicker screws (4.5mm-5.5mm) or when you work close to the edge of the wood to prevent the timber from splitting.

    Additionl Info:
    * Convex cutting strips reduces drive torgue
    * Ribbed head for auto countersinking
    * Yellow passivated corrosion resistant coating for external use

    Size Soft Hard
    4.5mm 2.0mm 2.8mm
    5.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm
    5.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm