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tesapack® BASIC Packaging Tape | Brown

The tesa® BASIC Packaging Tape makes sealing your boxes and cartons easy. The tape easily unwinds, is solvent-free and resistant to both UV light and aging. Thus, you can rely on it sticking to and securing your packages for a long time – whether you’re shipping a package to a friend or perhaps back to an online shop.

  • Packing boxes and sealing them reliably is problem-free when you use the tesa® BASIC Packaging Tape.
  • The economic tape is available in three sizes, solvent-free and resists both UV light and aging.
  • That makes it a great choice for sealing packages, not least because it unwinds easily.
Dimension: 50m x 48mm
Colour: Brown
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Product Description

The tesa® BASIC Packaging Tape is a very good choice for your packaging needs. It unwinds easily, so it’s effortlessly used to seal your cartons and boxes. Moreover, the solvent-free tape is available in three sizes: 66mm x 50mm, 50m x 45mm, 40m x 45 mm. You can fit it to whatever you need packed up, whether it’s for storage in your basement or attic, or if it’s a package to be returned to an online shop. The UV- and age-resistant tape is there for you to reliably seal your box!

tesapack® BASIC Packaging Tape | Brown
  • Dimensions: 66m x 50mm / 50m x 45mm / 40m x 45mm
  • Solvent free
  • UV- and age-resistance
  • Easy unwinding


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