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tesa® Professional 63632 Alu-Tape Universal

tesa® Universal 63632 is a supple aluminium adhesive tape, consisting of a base material made from aluminium film (30 μm), a transparent acrylic adhesive and a white separating layer of 85 μm made from siliconized paper.

  • Mechanical stable and conformable to curved surfaces
  • Easily removable
  • Aging resistant
  • Suitable for permanent application
  • Resistant against humidity, gases, vapors and UV radiation
  • Electric and thermic conductivity
  • Reflects heat and light
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 (Class B1)
  • Flame retardant according to the requirements in UL 510A
Dimension: 10m x 50mm
30UM, LINER, shrink-wrapped
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Product Description

tesa® Universal is an aluminium adhesive tape for professional application. The robust aluminium tape is suited to permanently seal insulation and pipes, to enable electric and thermic conductivity in materials and to reflect heat radiation. It can also be used to repair metal surfaces. An aluminium film (30 μm) serves as base material, while the liner/separating layer consists of paper siliconized on one side (85 μm). Adhesion is provided by an acrylic adhesive. tesa® Universal 63632 aluminum tape is mechanical stable, temperature-resistant -40°C to +160°C. Moreover tesa® Universal 63632 is flame retardant according to DIN 4102, class B1 and UL 510A.


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