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Multi Purpose Hex Drill Bit

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Multi-purpose Hex bits are best suited for Ruwag quick release magnetic adaptors for a secure fit. Begin drilling with the bit centred on the work piece to prevent oscillation.

- Precision ground

- Tungsten carbide tip

- 1/4” hexagonal shank for use with cordless screw drivers

Ruwag Handy Hints

If holes are drilled beyond the length of the flutes of the drill bit, the bit will lose the ability to clear debris causing it to seize in the hole and may result in damage to the drill bit or drilling machine.

Masonry drill bit selection chart

Matching the correct drill bit to the intended application will maximise the life of the bit.

Slide to view full table.

  Clay Brick Fire Brick B35 Concrete B45 Concrete Reinforced Concrete Granite
Turbo Concrete    
SDS Standard      
SDS Industrial    
SDS Professional    
SDS ReBar  
SDS Granite          


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