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Arbours for Metal Hole Saws

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Arbours are sold separately from Bi-metal Hole Saws and are also available with an SDS shank for your convenience.

- SDS Shank

- Standard Shank


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  • How do you fasten your hole saw to the arbor? I find that its not a tight fit but has a bit of a play. Is there a video I can watch?

    For hole saws larger than 32mm you will need to use an arbour with locking pins that extend to engage with the holes in the base plate of the hole saw.
    A little bit of movement once this has been done is normal.
    If you would prefer, please send your contact details to
    and we can send you a video.

  • what Arbor do i use with a a 168mm bi-metal hole saw? Thank you

    There are 3 arbors that will work depending on your drilling machine.
    RHSABSS2 will work on drilling machines with either 10mm or 13mm capacity chuck.
    RHSABSS5 will work on drilling machines with 13mm capacity chuck.
    RHSABSDS7 will work on drilling machines with an SDS Plus chuck.
    On our website at the following link:

  • what is the thread on a standard arbour for 210 mm metal hole saw?

    The thread on this arbor is 5/8" x 18TPI