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Key Type Chuck with SDS Adapter

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The Ruwag Key Type Chuck with SDS Adapter ensures that your rotary hammer drill becomes even more flexible, as it allows the use of drill bits with cylindrical shank in SDS-plus rotary hammers with impact stop. The keyed chuck has a 1.5-13mm opening for greater tool flexibility. It is easy to set up with the SDS-plus adapter included in the set and is suitable for rotary hammers of all brands with SDS-plus chuck.


Ask a Question
  • How do i change the SDS chuck and replace it with a keyed chuck

    With this item the adaptor with the regular chuck will just click into your existing SDS chuck.
    It will not replace the SDS chuck on your machine.

  • Hi there Could I use this adapter in hammer mode?

    This adaptor with chuck is not suitable for use in hammer mode, the impact generated by a rotary hammer machine is too strong for these accessories.
    If you need to drill into masonry you should use the specific SDS bits instead of this adaptor with regular masonry bits.

  • good morrning do you have a adaptor from a normal chuck to a chuck that can take a SDS drill bit

    We do not have such an item.

  • Can the sds conversion chuck be repaired if damaged when using on hammer mode

    The parts cannot be repaired, but the chuck and the adaptor can be replaced seperately.