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The Ruwag Key Type Chuck can be used for impact drills and rotary hammers.


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  • I bought a 13mm chuck for my Bosch impact drill. I have fitted it, but the chuck keeps screwing loose when using the drill. I was told that there is a screw which needs to be inserted in the chuck in order for it not to come loose. If so, where can I find one as the original screw in the current faulty chuck has gone missing. A screw was not included in your package?

    Unfortunately the screw that you are referring to is not included with the replacement chuck as the original screw is usually re-used.
    If you do need a replacement screw they are available from the power tool manufacturer.

  • 1. Do you do a chuck for a 10mm Ryobi drill. My local Builders Express sold me a 13mm chuck that they said would fit. It doesn't, so I must look for a suitable 10mm chuck....:( My drill is a HID-510. 2. What does sds stand for? 3. Can I convert a 10mm chuck requiring a chuck key, to chjuckless? Thanks Dave

    1. 10mm & 13mm chucks have different size mounting threads (3/8" 10mm, 1/2" for 13mm) so you will need to buy a specific 10mm capacity chuck for your drill.
    This is the link to our model that will fit:

    2. SDS stands for "Special Direct System", and usually refers to a toolless connection system. With regards to drill bits, most rotary hammer drill machines will use an SDS chuck which require a drill bit with a particular shank.

    3. You can easily replace a key type chuck with a keyless type
    Click on this link to see our option for the 10mm chuck:

  • My 750w Bosch inpact drill has the standard 13mm chuck and key. I wish to convert this drill to a SDS chuck drill. Is something like that available? If not, what adaptor is it that will do the job?

    It is not possible to convert a regular impact drill into an SDS compatible machine