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Industrial Tile Diamond Blade

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Ruwag Industrial Tile Diamond Blades have a laser slot for quieter cutting.

- Ceramic Tile - Porcelain


Ask a Question
  • Is this blade suitable for cutting refractory bricks?

    We have had better results cutting this type of brick with our demolition blade.
    The link below will take you to the page with information for this blade.

  • Do get a 115 or 125 mm bkade with 20 mm bore for Stanley tile cutter

    Unfortunately not.
    Our 115mm tile blade has a 22.23mm bore, intended for use on an angle grinder.

  • Would you be able to get this blade in a 180MM?

    Ash, the 180mm diamond blade for tile cutters is now available as part of our range.

  • Do you stock a 200mm (25.4 Arbor) continuous blade, as my wet saw uses this type of blade.

    Unfortunately we do not have a diamond blade with these specifications in our range.