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Industrial Circular Saw Combination Blade

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Ruwag Industrial Combination Circular Saw Blades are best suited for medium clean cutting both with and across the wood grain in all types of wood. Ruwag Circular Saw Blades are tungsten carbide tipped for professional cutting results.


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  • I cant put it on my circular saw because of the 30 mm arbor. i even used the 20 mm adaptor, it always sticks out of place when i use the circular saw. Is there something you recomend? Like how can i fix it in place?

    Some circular saw blades have a locking nut & washer that is to small to secure a blade that has a 30mm arbor, even with an adaptor.
    You will need to get a blade that has a 20mm arbor to ensure that the blade will be fastened securely.