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Industrial Bi-metal Hole Saws

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Ruwag Industrial Metal Hole Saws are made from tough fracture resistant HSS bi-metal, ensuring fast accurate cutting and long tool life. Ruwag hole saws give you clean, precise and circular holes in wood, gypsum boards, plastics, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Remember to apply even pressure to prevent damage to the teeth.

- Available in sizes from 14-210mm, with a maximum cutting depth of 32mm for all sizes.


Ask a Question
  • I'm looking for a 177mm hole saw to cut into a steel pipe thickness 10mm and the hole saw needs to be 80mm long Thank you

    We do have a 177mm hole saw, however the length of the saw is 40mm without the arbor attached.

  • At what speed must I run a 32 mm steel hole saw, in a drill press?

    For cutting mild steel 275 RPM is the ideal speed

  • what size will the inside circle be with your 83mm hole saw?

    It will be 79mm

  • what is the meaning of the "life rating 20x" inscription on the industrial metal drill bit package?

    The life ratings are to help distinguish our drill bits from each other by giving an indication of how much work you can expect from each.
    For example, in similar working conditions you can expect to drill 10 times as many holes with an Industrial Metal bit (20x life rating) as with a Standard Metal bit (2x life rating)

  • Hi. I would like to buy a 146mm hole saw for cutting brass plate. Which would you recommend, and where can I buy it? Or can I buy directly from you?

    Our Industrial metal blade will work for this application.
    If you can let us know the town & suburb where you are located we can refer you to a store in your area where you can purchase this item.