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Fibre Discs

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Ruwag Fibre Discs are manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring professional results every time and are made to be used with angle grinders. They are available in packs of 5 and 20. Ruwag Fibre Discs are available in the following grits: Coarse (P24, P36, P60 & P80) and Medium (P100 & P120).

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  • How do you attach the ruwag sanding disc to ruwag rubber backing?

    The lock nut that is included with the rubber backing pad is sufficient to hold the fibre disc in place. To attach it to an angle grinder, first remove the backing flange and lock nut that usually hold disc to the grinder. Fit the rubber backing pad followed by the fibre disc then fasten the lock nut that is supplied with the backing pad.