3 Reasons to Keep Your Drill Bits Sharp

Dull drill bits can cause a lot more problems than you may realise. If you’ve purchased bits that you use frequently, you will find that they eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. While some bits, such as carbide bits, may last longer, even the toughest bits will need to be sharped to continue to work as they should. Whether you invest in a specialised bit sharpener tool or sharpen your bits by hand using a sander, we’ve put together a list of the most important reasons to keep your drill bits sharp.

Why You Need to Sharpen Your Drill Bits

Here are just a few main reasons to sharpen your drill bits as soon as they start to show signs of getting dull.

Prevent damage

When you try and drill into any material with a dull bit, you run the risk of damaging not only the material but your tool as well. Bits are designed to drill into or through materials smoothly and easily. When they are new or sharp, they are able to do so without much effort. When they start to dull, it becomes harder for the bit to get through the material. Masonry bits that are not kept sharp may not be able to handle concrete, for example. This can cause damage to the material as you try and drill through. By using more force, you can also put more pressure onto the drill itself, which can result in bits getting stuck, drills overheating or tools being damaged. 

Ensure safety

Safety is another big reason to keep your bits sharp. When your bits are sharp, you won’t need to use a lot of force as the bit and drill will do most of the work. When they lose their sharpness over time, you will end up needing to use more force. This can increase the chance of the drill overheating. Besides damaging material and tools, this can pose a safety risk. It will be easier for bits to slip off the surface as you are drilling. A bit that suddenly breaks in the middle of high-speed drilling can be extremely dangerous, even if you are wearing safety gloves and other protective gear.

Save costs

Finally, dull bits can also result in a lot of wasted costs. They can slow down project completion, taking far more time to complete work. If you factor in damage to your materials and tools, even more costs are wasted. If you have deadlines to meet, this can have a knock-on effect on project timelines. This, in turn, can cost thousands if work is not completed on time or within budget. Sharp bits will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently. You won’t have the added stress of potential damage and unforeseen costs. You won’t run the risk of damaged materials. Work can be done on schedule and on budget.

The best way to ensure results is to first start with quality bits. At Ruwag, we offer a wide selection of bits for every material, from masonry to metal, wood, plastic, glass, and ceramic. With the help of quality bits that are sharpened regularly, you will be able to get the most from all of your projects.

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